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College Discount

We have another potential transit discount use case, which is for students/faculty/staff from the Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) area. We will be taking the existing program where students from certain schools ride free, expanding it to faculty and staff in some cases, and allowing those riders to enroll their contactless bank (credit/debit) cards for half-price (50%) discounts during fall and winter breaks.


Here’s a clickable prototype showing the planned flow, having users enroll via their college’s single sign-on (SSO) system:


Here’s what will happen behind the scenes in a success flow:

    actor rider
    participant Benefits as Benefits app
    participant IdG as Identity Gateway
    participant SSO
    participant Littlepay

    rider->>Benefits: visits site
    Benefits-->>IdG: redirected to sign in
    IdG-->>SSO: redirected to sign in
    rider->>SSO: enters credentials
    SSO-->>IdG: user attributes
    IdG-->>Benefits: user attributes
    Benefits-->>Littlepay: enrollment start
    rider->>Littlepay: enters payment card details
    Littlepay-->>Benefits: enrollment complete

The plan is to determine whether the rider is eligible via SAML attributes and/or membership in a group on the college side.