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Getting started

This is a template repository to enable rapid creation of documentation sites built using mkdocs and served via GitHub Pages under Cal-ITP’s domain.

Create new site from template

Follow these steps to create a new repository that uses this repository as a template. Content from the new repository will be published online at

Adapted from GitHub’s documentation.

  1. Head to the generate repository page for this template:

  2. Configure the new repository’s details, including the Owner (cal-itp), Name, and Description Screenshot showing creating a new repository from mkdocs-template

  3. Ensure the new repository’s visiblity is set to Public Screenshot showing the new repository's visibility set to Public

  4. Ensure the checkbox to Include all branches is checked Screenshot showing the Include all branches checkbox checked

  5. Click Create repository from template to finish and create the new repository

Finalize the new site

Once the above steps are complete and the new repository is ready, it’s a good idea to clean up the remnants of the template.

This includes:

  • Review the LICENSE file and ensure it is appropriate for your new project. If not, update it with a more appropriate license before continuing.
  • Find+Replace instances of mkdocs-template with the name of your new repository.
  • Edit the docs/.pages file to update your site’s navigation menu, or delete the file to generate a navigation menu for the site automatically. Read more about the mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin.

How does this work?


mkdocs turns markdown content inside the docs/ directory into HTML+CSS+JS needed for a website.

The mkdocs.yml file in the root of the repository configures website settings and available plugins for this build process.

The docs/requirements.txt file lists the python dependencies necessary to build the documentation using mkdocs.

GitHub Actions

A GitHub Action called mhausenblas/mkdocs-deploy-gh-pages enables automated building of new documentation content using mkdocs, whenever the content changes. Our workflow is defined in the .github/workflows/mkdocs.yml file.

The action uses the docs/requirements.txt file to install the necessary dependencies for building the docs site.

After running mkdocs, the action redeploys the documentation site by force-pushing to the gh-pages branch.

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages serves the website from the gh-pages branch of this repository.

Cal-ITP has an Organization site repository at This repository contains the root website and is served (via a CNAME) from

GitHub Pages for Organizations functions such that any repository created in the Cal-ITP Organization, with GitHub Pages enabled, will have an automatic domain at