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This website provides technical documentation for the eligibility-server application, a part of the benefits application, from the California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP).

Documentation for the main (default) branch is available online.


eligibility-server is a Flask web application that implements an Eligibility Verification API.

The API is designed for privacy and security of user information:

  • The API communicates with signed and encrypted JSON Web Tokens containing only the most necessary of user data for the purpose of eligibility verification
  • The application requires no user accounts and stores no information about the user
  • Interaction with the application is anonymous, with only minimal event tracking for usage and problem analysis

The server is published as a Docker container on the GitHub Container Registry.

Getting started with the app

Running the application locally is possible with Docker and Docker Compose.

Build the Docker container for local development

cp .env.sample .env
docker compose build server

Use the Docker container locally

docker pull