How We Work#

Team Meetings#

The section below outlines our team’s primary meetings and their purposes, as well as our our team’s shared meeting standards.

Current Meetings#

New analysts, look out for these meetings to be added to your calendar.




Technical Onboarding

Week 1
40 Mins

To ensure access to tools and go over best practices.

Analyst Team Meeting

45 Mins

Branch meeting to share your screen and discuss what you’ve been working on.

Communication Channels#






For Caltrans Division of Data and Digital Services employees.



For sharing and collaborating on Cal-ITP data analyses.



A place to bring questions, issues, and observations for team discussion.



For people building dbt models - focused on data warehouse performance considerations, etc.

Collaboration Tools#

GitHub Analytics Project Board#

You can access The Analytics Project Board using this link.

How We Track Work#

Screencast - Navigating the Board#

The screencast below introduces:

  • Creating new GitHub issues to track your work

  • Adding your issues to our analytics project board

  • Viewing all of your issues on the board (e.g. clicking your avatar to filter)

GitHub Analytics Repo#

The data-analyses repo is our main data analysis repository, for sharing quick reports and works in progress. Get set up on GitHub and clone the data-analyses repository using this link.

For collaborative short-term tasks, create a new folder and work off a separate branch.