Where can I publish data?

Where can I publish data?#

Analysts have a variety of tools available to publish their final deliverables. With iterative work, analysts can implement certain best practices within these bounds to do as much as is programmatically practical. The workflow will look different depending on these factors:

  • Are visualizations static or interactive?

  • Does the deliverable need to be updated on a specified frequency or a one-off analysis?

  • Is the deliverable format PDF, HTML, interactive dashboard, or a slide deck?

Analysts can string together a combination of these solutions. These options are listed in increasing order of complexity and therefore capability.

  • Static visualizations can be inserted directly into slide decks (e.g. PNG) or emailed to stakeholders (e.g. HTML or PDF)

  • HTML visualizations can be rendered in GitHub Pages and embedded as a URL into slide deck

  • More advanced HTML-based reports can be hosted in the analytics portfolio which supports interactivity and notebook parameterization.

  • Interactive dashboards should be hosted in Metabase to share with external stakeholders.

  • Structured tabular data may be published to CKAN to facilitate usage by analysts, researchers, or other stakeholders. These will be hosted at https://data.ca.gov.

  • Structured geospatial data may be published to the Caltrans Geoportal. These will be hosted at https://https://gis.data.ca.gov.