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The GitHub Actions deployment workflow configuration lives at .github/workflows/deploy.yml.


The entire process from GitHub commit to full redeploy of the application can take from around 5 minutes to 10 minutes or more depending on the deploy environment. Have patience!

Deployment steps

The workflow is triggered with a push to the corresponding branch. It also responds to the workflow_dispatch event to allow manually triggering via the GitHub Actions UI.

When a deployment workflow runs, the following steps are taken:

1. Checkout code

From the tip of the corresponding branch (e.g. dev)

2. Authenticate to GHCR

Using the and built-in GITHUB_TOKEN secret

3. Build and push image to GitHub Container Registry (GHCR)

Build the root Dockerfile, tagging with both the branch name (e.g. dev) and the SHA from the HEAD commit.

Push this image:tag into GHCR.

4. App Service deploy

Each Azure App Service instance is configured to listen to a webhook from GitHub, then deploy the image.