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Enrollment use cases

The use cases documented on this page focus on how the system is supposed to work from the perspective of the end user.

Use case: Enroll contactless card to receive transit benefit ΒΆ

Primary Actor: Transit rider

Systems: Benefits app, payment processor


  • Transit rider has confirmed their eligibility with the Benefits app
  • Transit rider has their contactless card information available
  • Benefits app is able to contact the payment processor

Trigger: Transit rider initiates the enrollment phase

Basic flow:

  1. Transit rider enters their contactless card information
  2. Benefits app passes that information to the payment processor to enroll the card
  3. Payment processor successfully enrolls card

Alternate flows:

  • 3a. Payment processor returns with one of the following errors: card verification failed, token is invalid, or general server error

    • 3a1. Transit rider chooses to retry, starting back at initiating the enrollment phase
    • 3b1. Transit rider leaves the Benefits app


  • Transit rider’s contactless card is enrolled to receive the transit benefit