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Enrollment pathways

This section describes in more detail some of the different enrollment pathways with current or planned support in the Benefits application.

Current work

We do sprint planning and track day-to-day work on our Project Board.

See our Milestones for current work tracked against specific features and different enrollment pathways.

Product roadmap

Our product roadmap captures what we’re currently building, what we’ve built, and what we plan to build in the future. We update it at the end of each quarter or when priorities change.

    title Cal-ITP Benefits Product Roadmap
%% Cal-ITP Benefits Epics (2024)
          section 2024

          : Benefits admin tool (Foundation)
          : SBMTD - Launch Reduced Fare Mobility ID enrollment pathway
          : Migrate to Littlepay Backoffice API

          : Deploy low-income riders enrollment pathway
          : Support for expiring benefits (low-income)
          : Benefits admin tool (Agency configuration)
          : Improved UX for agency card enrollment
          %% : Release enhancements to Veterans pathway

          : Benefits admin tool (Agency users)
          : Benefits admin tool (In-person eligibility verification)
          : Release Medicare cardholder enrollment pathway

          : Release riders with disabilities enrollment pathway

%% Cal-ITP Benefits Epics (2025)
          section 2025

          : Support benefits reciprocity between CA transit agencies
          : Implement evolved organizing principles for app UX

          : Support for multiple payment processors
          : Integration with all MSA payment processors

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