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Copy delivery process

The locale folder in this repository contain the django.po message files for English and Spanish translation strings for the Benefits application.

Translation strings include all application copy, including:

  • All application copy
  • Image and illustration alt tags
  • Page titles used in the browser tab
  • In-line link URLs
  • Error messages (like no script, no cookies warnings)

Cal-ITP Benefits Application Copy

The human-readable version of the English and Spanish translation strings for the application are delivered to Design and Engineering by Product, and live at this link: Cal-ITP Benefits Application Copy.

By tabs:

  • EN-USA tab contains all copy for English, which each row representing a page. This copy uses a sample agency, called California State Transit (CST) with an Agency Card. This copy is used in Figma.
  • forTranslation and All Agencies tab contains the English and Spanish translation side by side, with agency-specific copy.

Copy delivery process responsibilities


  • Engage with product stakeholders to get the information necessary for copy writing.
  • Engage with copy writers to get the English language copy drafted, proofed and ready for design.
  • Engage with client editorial/communications team to ensure English language and Spanish language copy are edited according to client style guides.
  • Engage all necessary stakeholders to get English language copy approved and ready for design.
  • Compile copy in Cal-ITP Benefits Application Copy, ready to be used by Design, so Design can sync the spreadsheet to Figma.
  • Engage with the translation agency, iBabbleOn, to get Spanish translations ready for Engineering.
  • Transfer translations from iBabbleOn to the spreadsheet, in proper format.
  • Ensure English and Spanish copy is ready for Engineering.



  • Use copy from the English and Spanish language tabs of the spreadsheet, and turning it into code in django.po message files. Developer-specific instructions in the Django message files technical documentation.
  • Ensure the messages accurately reflect the spreadsheet and Figma designs.