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Commits, branches, and merging


This project enforces the Conventional Commits style for commit message formatting:

<type>[(optional-scope)]: <description>

[optional body]

Where <type> indicates the nature of the commit, one of a list of possible values:

  • build - related to the build or compile process
  • chore - administrative tasks, cleanups, dev environment
  • ci - related to automated builds/tests etc.
  • docs - updates to the documentation
  • feat - new code, features, or interfaces
  • fix - bug fixes
  • perf - performance improvements
  • refactor - non-breaking logic refactors
  • revert - undo a prior change
  • style - code style and formatting
  • test - having to do with testing of any kind


git commit -m "feat(eligibility/urls): add path for start"


The default GitHub branch is dev. All new feature work should be in the form of Pull Requests (PR) that target dev as their base.

In addition to dev, the repository has three other long-lived branches:

  • test and prod correspond to the Test and Production deploy environments, respectively.
  • gh-pages hosts the compiled documentation, and is always forced-pushed by the docs build process.

Protection rules

Branch protection rules are in place on three environment branches (dev, test, prod) to:

  • Prevent branch deletion
  • Restrict force-pushing, where appropriate
  • Require passing status checks before merging into the target branch is allowed

PR branches

PR branches are typically named with a conventional type prefix, a slash /, and then descriptor in lower-dashed-case:



git checkout -b feat/verifier-radio-buttons


git checkout -b refactor/verifier-model

PR branches are deleted once their PR is merged.


Merging of PRs should be done using the merge commit strategy. The PR author should utilize git rebase -i to ensure their PR commit history is clean, logical, and free of typos.

When merging a PR into dev, it is customary to format the merge commit message like:

Title of PR (#number)

instead of the default:

Merge pull request #number from source-repo/source-branch