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Manual tests

This page lists manual testing scripts for various flows.

Getting started: Using test credentials

In order to fully test the app, you will need to use test credentials, which are available here: Benefits Test Data.

Important: Please do not use your personal accounts for,, etc. to complete your review. and Veteran Confirmation API

To test the (Older adult) and Veteran Confirmation API (Veteran) enrollment pathway flows, you will need an e-mail address, a real cell phone and test account yml files from the Benefits Test Data document.

Read the Testing identity proofing documentation for complete instructions. In summary, once you click Get started with, follow these instructions:

  1. Before you get started, download the proofing-senior.yml (or any other yml file for the specific user you are testing) from the Benefits Test Data document. For example, if you are testing the Veteran flow, or a non-senior flow, download the proofing-veteran.yml or proofing-nonsenior.yml files respectively.
  2. Click Create an account.
  3. Create a test email address, like Gmail supports adding suffixes to your email address.
  4. Select English (default) and check I read and accept the Rules of Use.
  5. Check your email for a confirmation link and click it.
  6. Go through the password and authentication method setup flows. Make sure to select Text or voice message. Selecting Backup codes is useful if you plan to use this account again. Make sure to save your password, as you will need to enter it at the very end.
  7. Enter your real cell phone number.
  8. Check your text messages for a message from The message should specify
  9. Enter the code into the browser.
  10. Save the backup codes, if selected.
  11. Click Continue until you reach the How would you like to add your ID? part of the flow.
  12. Click Upload photos.
  13. Upload the .yml files you downloaded in the first step for both the front and back of the ID. Click Continue.
  14. For Enter your Social Security number, enter a number that starts with 900 or 666. DO NOT ENTER YOUR PERSONAL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.
  15. At this point, the Verify your information page should show the data you have in the .yml file you uploaded. Double-check that the age (date of birth) is accurate.
  16. Verify your phone again.
  17. Re-enter your password. You should be redirected back to the Benefits application.

Agency cards

To test the agency card enrollment pathway, use the following test credentials:


To test the Littlepay card enrollment flow, use the test Visa credentials in the Benefits Test Data document, along with any fake name, any CVV and an expiration date in the future.

Keyboard testing

Keyboard testing refers to test the app on a desktop/laptop machine without using a mouse/trackpad. To do so, use Tab to focus on a button or link, and Enter to select a button or link.

Make sure:

  • All links and buttons have a visible indication that the targeted item is focused.
  • All modals close by pressing Escape.
  • The skip nav, a link with the text Skip to main content / Saltar al contenido principal should appear on the first tab press.

Spanish translation testing

  1. Open the test environment Benefits application in the test environment using a supported browser.
  2. Click the Español button on the right side of the application header, to switch the application language to Spanish.
  3. Click Elija su Proveedor and choose Monterey-Salinas Transit as your transit agency.
  4. Follow the Adulto mayor / Older adult enrollment pathway to completion using test data. You will need a cell phone, a test account and test Littlepay card credentials.
  5. Follow the Veterano de EE. UU. / Veterans enrollment pathway to completion using test data. You will need a cell phone, a test account and test Littlepay card credentials.
  6. Follow the Tarjeta de cortesía de MST / Courtesy Card pathway to completion using test data. You will need test Courtesy Card credentials and test Littlepay card credentials.
  7. Click Ayuda in the footer to review the Help page.
  8. Jot down any issues or notes during the review. Highlight any proposed changes on the forTranslation tab in the Cal-ITP Benefits Application Copy spreadsheet. Use the comment feature in Google Sheets to share your feedback. Please mention Andy Walker and Machiko Yasuda in each comment.