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Hubspot Records

Records are profiles of each transit agency or organization. Records contain general information about the agency, contact information for agency workers and the ability to track emails, calls, notes and tickets with that agency.

When working with the CRM you may find that records need to be updated, merged or deleted to reflect the correct information. Some use cases may include transit agency mergers, duplicate records, or other organizational updates. Some updates, deletions, or mergers may require research or corroborating with other Cal-ITP documents. All users are encouraged to highlight and update records so that they can reflect the most up to date information.

How are records created

Records are created through two processes: data imports and when a user establishes communication with a contact at a new organization not yet recorded in the CRM. At this time, most new records will be emerging automatically from new communication over historical documents.

Creating a new company record

New companies should only be established when they are not a part of any other agency that exists. Companies that are branded services, contracted out or operated by larger agencies should be associated with their larger city agencies. More information on associations can be found in the Updating Records section.

Updating Records

Each record contains contact information for the agency and individuals at that agency, you may discover that information is not up to date, has missing information or incorrect information. Users are encouraged to manually update basic record inaccuracies or missing information (such as names, email addresses, job title etc). For more complicated edits (such as duplicate records), users are encouraged to open a ticket in the Internal Support Pipeline

Merging Records

Occassionally, multiple records exist for the same contact or company. In this instance, the CRM team will access the reasoning behind the duplicate and may merge the records. When users come across this situation, they are encouraged to open a support ticket in the Internal Support Pipeline. Users will be updated on ticket progress in the notes section within the ticket.

Please see the CRM Maintenance section for more information on data maintenance within Hubspot.

What happens after the merge? (Source)

  • Once a record is merged, the primary contact record will remain after the merge. The secondary contact will be merged into the primary record.
  • All deals or tickets associated with either contact record will be associated with the primary contact after the merge.
  • All timeline activities of both records will be merged and will appear on the primary contact record.
  • A merge event will also be added to the timeline.
  • The secondary contact is removed from all static lists.


You can not unmerge contacts. Should you need to separate the organization, you can delete the second email address in your merged contact and create a new contact with that second contact.