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Deal Pipelines ΒΆ

Deals pipelines are created to track progress, communication, and other important information for various initiatives and campaigns. Below is a list of all current Deal Pipelines. The charts below indicate the uses of our current pipelines. Pipelines can be added when a new workflow would benefit from this action. New pipelines can be created by opening an issue on Github using our deals pipeline template.

Current list of Deal pipelines (as of 07/14/23)

Deal Pipelines Description Custom Deal Properties
Payments Pipeline Contactless payment outreach to transit agencies in California and record of where prospective agencies are in the payments MSA process. Latest Status, Agency signed contract, Felix Demo, TAP Agency
Transit Data Check-In Outreach to transit agencies to determine their current data requirements and review their current GTFS data.
Contract Pipeline Tracks contracts gathered from transit agencies.
MDIP Outreach Outreach to transit agencies on MDIP.
Cubic Umo IQ API Keys Campaign to gather Cubic API keys from a select list of transit agencies. See issue #138.
GRaaS A record of the progress and conversations with agencies related to GTFS-RT as a Service agency
Cal-ITP Benefits Tracks agency benefits onboarding process
Payments Dashboard Tracks outreach and interview stages for Payments Dashboard user research Group
Software for Scheduling Tracks agencies interested in Remix, as well as the research assessing the fit and use of existing scheduling tools and the market demand and landscape for scheduling tools at smaller agencies Workstream, Scheduling Software, Research Stage