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Create a Task


There are several ways to create a task, including from within the tasks index page, an object index page, an individual record, or by automating through a deal phase. The following will demonstrate how to create a task starting from within the task index page.

1. Navigate to

2. Click the “Sales” tab

3. Click “Tasks”


The Task Index Page is also where you can find all of your upcoming tasks`

4. Click “Create task”

5. Fill in the required fields: Title, Type, Priority

6. Enter a task name


Include the text ‘call’ or ‘email’ in the title to automatically set the corresponding task type.

7. Choose the task type

8. Choose the priority level

9. You may also choose to fill in the non-required fields if they will be helpful to further describe the task: Associate with a record, Assign to, Queue, Due date, Reminder, and Notes

10. You can associate the task with a record by searching for the company or contact here:

11. You can assign the task to yourself or another team member

12. You can choose a due date

13. You can choose “Set to repeat” if this will be a recurring task

14. You can set a reminder to be notified before the due date

15. You can add notes here to further clarify the task or to add additional details

16. Click “Create”