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Email Setup

Logging emails is central to Hubspot’s ability to track interactions and allows for greater transparency, providing an opportunity for team members to have a deeper understanding of where a relationship is at. Once configured, Hubspot email logging allows to set up automated and/or selective logging of emails while you are in your preferred email tool.

Hubspot email logging can happen one of two ways; you can either set up your email within Hubspot, or you can install the Hubspot email extension. There is an option to log your emails into the system, but is not the preferred method. You can find more details on logging in the Activities section.

For those who don’t have access to add your email to Hubspot, there’s a backup option to ensure communication is continuously tracked within Hubspot. Cal-ITP created to bring all conversations into Hubspot by simply cc’ing this email in any of your communication. Ensure the crm@ email is CC’d, as we want all back and forth conversations to be tracked in the CRM.

Note: The email set-up function currently does not work for emails – we are actively working with Caltrans IT staff to resolve this issue.

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