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Types of Automations

There are two types of email automation tools within Hubspot: sequences and workflows. There are several differences between the two but the main difference is that sequences are a Sales tool and workflows are a Marketing tool.


A sales tool that allows targeted communication to be sent directly from a user’s inbox using customizable templates. Often manually enrolled, this is meant for 1-1 communication, and not useful for bulk outreach. Sequences can not be reported on nor can they be automatically triggered.

Example: A user often has to reach out to various agencies about a specific issue. Instead of having to re-type the emails each time, they set themselves a sequence that includes an initial outreach email template and a follow-up email if the agency doesn’t reply within a certain time frame.


A marketing tool that allows you to automate emails and processes based on specific conditions you set. Workflows are compatible (meaning you can have one workflow trigger another workflow) and highly customizable. They can be automatically triggered and reported on using marketing metrics.

Example: A user sets up a workflow so that every time an agency emails them, a reply email is automatically sent and a task is automatically created for a colleague to perform a related action within a certain timeframe.

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