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The CRM’s purpose is to increase the effectiveness of Cal-ITP’s communication and outreach efforts by establishing transit provider and organization profiles and contact records that detail past and current communication activity such as emails, phone calls, deals (payment pipeline, transit data pipeline, etc.) and support tickets. The CRM allows users to understand a provider’s relationship to Cal-ITP efforts; with this knowledge, team members can have more coordinated communication and develop stronger relationships to build better outcomes.

For team members, the value of the CRM is driven by consistent usage and approaching the tool with a collectivist mindset. When we integrate the CRM into our workflows across multiple team members, we can build more dynamic profiles, create links between teams, work more efficiently, and elevate our communication both internally and externally. This document seeks to provide context and training so that team members can easily adopt the CRM into our workflows and develop consistency in our usage.

Data Differences

  • Hubspot: Basic properties of the Transit Agency and its org structure (name, location, contact info, funding types).
  • Airtable: Data that describes the transit operations of the agency (GTFS, etc.)