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The service tab contains our ticketing system. Tickets are items that require specific action and need to be tracked internally. Tickets can be sourced from emails, the conversation tab, forms or calls.

Current Ticketing Systems

Internal Support Pipeline: Cal-ITP Hubspot users can submit a ticket for the CRM team to address. Currently, the Internal Support Pipeline is used to track multiple ticketing purposes. See chart below for a breakdown of the different types of internal support tickets.

Ticket Subject Matter Description
GTFS Data Quality This option should be used by the data quality/data services team to flag GTFS data issues that the Customer Success team needs to address with an agency.
Hubspot Data This option should be selected if the ticket content is related to issues with the data inside Hubspot. This should be used for data adjustments outside of that which can be changed by the user. This includes actions such as: merging records, duplicate records, unclear records etc.

Support Pipeline: Anyone can email and their message will automatically create a ticket. This should be used for actionable requests for external parties, such as transit agencies, vendors, etc. The Customer Success Team tracks these tickets in the pipeline and ensures the request is addressed.