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Custom Properties

Contacts have the ability to be further refined using custom properties, such as job role or title. These properties allow us not only to have knowledge of our contact, but also allows us to filter by the property if specific reporting is needed to be received by a specific department. As the CRM continues to be built out, additional custom properties can be added to reflect the needs of the Cal-ITP team.

Current Custom properties (as of 07/14/23)

Property Description
job_role Dropdown multi-select field to determine the contacts role at the company; Data, Executive, Grants, etc.
asset_tag For the CCJPA pilot program, we need a place to add numbers for the demo products. They are called asset tags, and a unique number will be assigned to each conductor who receives a product.
district_staff This property should be selected for Caltrans District Representatives. Options for this property include numbers 1 through 12.

How to create a custom property